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Pre-Shot Routine

Hopefully if you read the last tip you will have an idea of what your pre-shot routine is. As an example, I have listed my pre-shot routine below and if you have broadband you will hopefully be able to access the video clip also!
Click on the play button on the video controller to view (Give it time to load)

Select club from the bag.


Stand behind the ball – looking down the target line.


Walk in towards ball and have a practice swing.


Set up to ball.


Last look at the target.


Swing thought and swing!


The importance of having a pre-shot routine gives you control of the situation regardless of what that situation is, it is something you should be familiar with therefore comfortable and as a result you should feel more self confident. Concentrating on your Pre-shot routine will mean that your focus is on a positive aspect as opposed to on any negatives that you are feeling as you can only concentrate on one thing at a time! Overall having a good Pre-shot routine and making use of it should allow you to have a more consistent performance – more importantly, in pressure situations you will be more likely to succeed!

How do you monitor the consistency of your pre-shot routine? Have your checklist after your round and think to when you played certain shots of the days round, good and bad. Practice your routine and time yourself for consistency.

When should you use pre-shot routine? ALWAYS, whether you are playing a friendly or you are in competition. The only time I wouldn’t suggest you use pre-shot routine is when you are practicing technical changes to your game.

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